Why You Need To Hire A Dui Lawyer For Your Case

Are you based in San Diego and have been charged with driving under influence? You obviously need San Diego DUI lawyer. May be you are not guilty and you think you can defend yourself. You have already taken a step towards conviction. Remember, judgment is not passed based on what really happened. Rather, it is passed based on the evidence available.

You don’t only need to be innocent to escape judgment. You also need to back your claim with the required evidence. Only a competent attorney can help you out. Do you realize that it is very likely that the prosecuting party has already hired a lawyer? Do you want to fight a fully armed person with only your bare hands?

Are you actually trying to avoid the cost of hiring an attorney? Well, no matter how expensive the service is, it will cost you much more when you are convicted. First of all, you may have your car confiscated, your driving privileges withdrawn and you may also get sentenced to a jail term?

The worst part is that when you are in jail you can’t work and when you can’t work, you don’t earn anything. And what happens when you finish your jail term? You will find out that someone has already taken your job. Do you really want to go through all these because you don’t want to pay an attorney? Is it a fair deal? Think about it.

Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons you must hire a DUI attorney. If you hire a local attorney, he is likely to be familiar with the prosecuting lawyer or some of the judges handling your case and if you are extremely lucky, he could be familiar with both of them. Wondering what benefit is in that? A lot! The familiarity could swing the judgment in your favor. You could get a lighter penalty if found guilty or the whole criminal case may be dismissed.

Have you thought about the moral and emotional support? The case may demoralize you at some point. In fact, it often does. During this period, it is your attorney that will provide all the emotional and moral support that you need. Can that be quantified in monetary terms?

Hiring a lawyer blocks prosecutor or law enforcement official’s direct access to you. Instead of contacting you directly to harass you, they will have to pass their information through your lawyer. Besides, your prosecutors will treat you better when your lawyer is involved as he could make a case out of their mistakes.

Sometimes in trying to build up reliable evidence, your attorney or any of his staff may have to visit the crime scene, interview a few witnesses (if any) and also gather some facts. Without a lawyer, you may have to do that yourself. The time spent on that could be spent on something else.